Are you having trouble recruiting for certain activities where resources are scarce and is this blocking the development of your buiness? You are not alone, in France, 60 % of all businesses with over 10 employees are encountering recruitment difficulties. (Source OpinionWay).

Are some of your company’s base functions, such as production or sales, affected by this problem ? Is the recruitment of such profiles your number 1 HR issue?

Your business is located in the countryside, or a greater suburban area, in a region which is unattractive to new candidates ? You are therefore facing 3 issues:

  • The trade for which you seek to recruit is unpopular
  • The activity itself has difficulty in attracting new talents
  • Your geographical location is unpopular

Rest assured there are solutions. We have developed real expertise in recruiting for companies which are located in unpopular regions. How do we succeed ? It’s easy, we reverse the usual procedure when recruiting for such scarce positions. We choose to look at the issue the other way round. To attract such talents, you need to know how to captivate their attention.

Working on the employer’s DNA when located in regions which are unattractive

When you appear to be cumulating recruitment difficulties, a detailed analysis of the situation is necessary :

  • The recuitment for every position in scarcity is different
  • Each company is specific and unique
  • Your recruitment issue reveals other unprecedented issues regarding your region.

2A EXPERT RH adapts to your DNA: our recruitment solutions for positions which are in scarcity are made-to-measure. For us, every detail has its importance.

Your region has its specificities ? Joining your company involves moving the family home? To attract new talents, we look at how we can improve our attractiveness, but also how your company can improve its attractiveness:

  • What makes your company unique? What are the advantages in working for you?
  • Are you capable of welcoming employees who have a different culture?
  • Does your company and your management team know how to pass on their know-how?
  • Is there a tutoring or practical exchange system in place in your company?
  • What are your commitments and values?
  • What are your region’s advantages in terms of lifestyle ?
  • Is housing affordable ?
  • Are there schools and leisure facilities within easy access ?

Work on your job offers to attract candidates to regions which unpopular

Getting your business noticed is essential when recruiting in regions which lack popularity. When faced with a recruitment difficulty, we like to innovate. Companies located in Vendée, the South of Manche, North Brittany have more difficuty in recruiting new candidates. This is also true of companies which are located in the outskirts of large suburban areas.

We can help you attract new candidates and stimulte their desire to stay; some key factors in doing so are :

  • Higher salaries
  • A better working environment
  • Social advantages
  • Assistance in moving house
  • Helping with school enrollment.
  • Childcare solutions
  • Stable employment and career perspectives.

Working on improving attractiveness is also related to how you communicate. An employment area which lacks attractiveness often signifies isolation. How do you publicise your job offers, your company, your values to the outside world ?

We use various tools to succeed:

  • Our network of local and international partners
  • The support of your professional network
  • Creation of accounts on social media to advertise and promote your detailed and attractive job offers.

So, if you’re looking to end the recruitment issues which are linked to a lack of popularity of the region where you are based, try innovating with 2A EXPERT RH, and contact us now!

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