Who are we ?

Initially a temping agency for recruitment in the aeronautical industry, 2A EXPERT RH was founded in 2012 to meet with the needs of the international group AAA (Aeronautical and Aerospatial Assistance). We have since expanded our sectors of activity to include the nautical industry as well as general industry.

Our choice is to work closely with our customers : we are particularly attentive to your needs and aim to find lasting recruitment solutions for companies which are faced with employment issues due to  shortage of skills required for the positions to be filled.

We have a team of experts with solid eperience in our sectors of activity : we have an in-house recruitment team specialized in specifically sourcing  the very skills which are in shortage in today’s work place and we also have an administrative HR management team, capable of handling all of the administrative management of a company’s HR, whether they be national or international.

Since 2019, we have chosen to accompany foreign companies setting up in France in the management of their HR issues, both recruitment and administrative HR and we also can help companies meet with requirements in terms of the employment of handicapped workers.

In all our professional and commercial relations, we seek to carry the values which we see as essential if we are to be efficient at what we do :


Creativity and innovation


Ambition and empathy


Assertiveness and proximity

Why choose us ?

2A EXPERT RH has the experience and expertise required to meet your needs and has developed various networks to enable us to recruit your staff « dream team » ! With our in-depth sourcing procedure, you can be sure that we will find you only the best profiles on the market.

As a temping agency specialized in industry, we are connected to a national and international ecosystem of potential candidates, in which our various partners are already in contact with your future talents. We manage to source rare profiles, through working with our specialized network Pour débusquer ces profils rares, nous nous rapprochons d’interlocuteurs spécifiques (for example, a Finnish company specialised in industrial construction).

We know all our partners well and have built a relationship based on mutual trust with each one, thus facilitating communication and enabling us to be extremely fast in sourcing potential candidates. We know who to contact, where to look to find the right profiles And when the solutions don’t exist, we invent the tools to make them possible.

Innovative recruitment solutions and HR administration and employment management

We are specialized in finding solutions for positions where there is a recognised shortage of skills and also for accompanying foreign companies looking to set up in France in their day-to-day HR administration and management.

Given the exceptional situation in recruiting in today’s workplace, we have adapted a specific recruitment process :

manager logistique

We take the time to analyse your needs with you to meet with your company’s longer term vision so that we then :

  • Create a tailor made solution with aview to facilitating long-term employment
  • Fine tune the candidates to the positions available
  • Enquire as to whether you provide in-house training


We like to work with the support of our network and partners, because today going it alone is impossible.


We make life easy for you. We are your gateway to a vast national and international network. When you choose to work with us, you will benefit from a wide range of sourcing and recruitment tools. If you are a foreign company  and would like to avoid the complexity of French administrative and employment law, then we can look after all of your HR adminisration for you.

Our company values

  • Creativity and Innovation
    If we want to find solutions to your needs to fill positions where there is a clear skills’ shortage then we need to do something different to the run of the mill. Our expertise lies in our capacity to constantly be creative and innovative in finding new ways and tools to capture the right candidates.
  • Ambition and Empathy
    In being empathetic, we aim to be successful for our cutomers.
    In being empathetic, we aim to protect our employees
  • Assertive and Close
    Whether you are an employee or a client, we like to think we are close to you and consider you as our partners, to whom we show full respect. Our credo is to always adopt a positive attitude and develop win-win relationships.

Do you share these values ? Would you like to experience working with us ?

Then contact us !