2A Expert RH, a recruitment agency with lasting solutions !

Are you looking for employees whose skills’ set on the market are scarce, but who are immediately operational… ?

Are you looking to develop your activity in France, but have been put off by the administrative complexity of French employment law ?

Are you looking to meet your legal obligations in terms of the employment of handicapped staff ?

Then trust us to find the solution. As a recruitment agency, working on your difficulties and creating tailor-made solutions is our credo.

Our solutions

Lasting solutions for positions where the skills’ set is scarce

You are among those companies who have won markets, but can’t meet the demand because you lack the necessary staff to do the job. You have tried all the usual canals to recruit, but still haven’t found the staff you need. Job ads, recruitment agencies, temping agencies ? Or you have the staff who have completed their contract and don’t want to stay ? You have lost both time and money training them, but have lost the necessary skills when they left ?

2A Expert RH has developed real know-how when it comes to finding the required skills, missing on today’s market, and matching those skills to the job vacancy.

It couldn’t be easier, we tailor our candidates to meet your needs. So together, we take the time to meet your staffing needs for tomorrow.

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Our HR solutions for doing business in France

You are looking to develop your business in France, but the administrative complexity of French employment law and staff managment has you hestitating ?

Then make your life easier by choosing 2A Expert RH, bacause we can become your staff’s administrative employer and you remain their operational manager.

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Our solutions for the employment of handicapped staff

Do you need to meet the legal obligations in terms of the employment of handicapped staff ? 2A Expert RH can help you source the right candidates, accompany their integration in the workplace and thus help you meet your legal requirements .

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We know that recruitment is difficult in today’s workplace, but we have integrated this difficulty as a structural part of our recruitment process. Our acknowledgment of the difficulty has encouraged us to develop new ideas and be creative in our approach :


We dare to innovate so that the impossible becomes possible using the very latest tools available


We source our candidates both locally and internationally


We use our extensive network of varied experts and specialists in their dfferent fields

The advantages

Our innivative sourcing method

  • Access to a sourcing network
    You will only have to work with us, but in doing so you will have access in working with a vast sourcing network, including consultants, further educational training centres and heads of public and private professsional networks.
  • Provision of services recognized by major, multinational companies
    We provide you with the same level nd type of service, which major French and multinational companies have intergrated into their recruitment procedures.
  • Creation, with our clients, of a lasting and reliable relationship
    You can rest assured that when you choose to work with 2A Expert RH you will work with a partner which you can trust, who is reliable and who knows and understands your business and what is at stake for you.
  • 2A Expert RH serving your development strategy
    When sourcing candidates we do so based on your projects. We like to think in operational terms, so that we help serve your development strategy.
  • Creation of full teams
    Our method facilitates the recruitment of complete teams of workers, enabling the selection of complimentary or similar profiles depending on requirements.
  • Regardless of the situation, we will find the solution
    It doesn’t matter what the present staffing situation is inyour business, we will find the solution to your needs. If the solution doen’t already exist, then we will create the solution with the help of our vast network.

The sectors or geographical areas where certain skills are scarce or inexistant

We can apply our methods to all fields of activity, so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can chat about your needs and how we can help you.

Our job offers

You are lucky enough to master a skill which is in shortage in the workplace ? Are you a draper, an aeronautical mechanic, a rigger , a nautical laminator, a gelcoat finisher, a ship chandler, a scaffolding installer, an industrial painter ou a seamstress ?

Come and join a team that likes to work differently, with staff who will make you their priority and are here to accompany you in finding the right job for the evolution of your career. We recruit for the aeronautical, nautical, textile and construction industries, as well as for general industrial positions.

Whether you are just starting your career, have aquired reasonable experience or are an expert in your field and regardless of your nationality, come and join our team !

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