Our solutions for the recruitment of disabled staff

In France, there are several legal obligations in relation to the recruitment of disabled staff among your workforce. Are you sure that you meet with the legal requirements in terms of the employment (AGEFIPH) of the handicapped in your business?

In France, if your company has over 20 employees, then 6% of them must be handicapped. c’est le pourcentage obligatoire de personnes handicapées à employer pour les entreprises de plus de 20 salariés.

59% of all handicapped workers are today unemployed

2A Expert RH has developed a speciality in the recruitment of the handicapped. We can source, for you, the right profiles, help with their integration into your team and allow you to meet with your legal obligations.

What is considered « a handicap » ?

People in a wheelchair, the deaf or hard of hearing, the visually impaired or blind…. but that’s not all. Contrary to what people tend to believe, there are a number of invisible situations, which are considered “a handicap” because they limit a person’s capability to do certain activities.

Thus according to French law*, the following situations can be classified as “a handicap”:

  • Mobility issues : back pain, chronic sciatica, partial paralysis…
  • Disabling conditions: diabetes, epilepsy, severe asthma, eczema…
  • Heart issues or failure
  • Hearing or visual impairment
  • Emotional and cognitive disorders: stuttering, dyslexia…
  • Asperger autism

Our disability, insertion and integration recruitment solutions

As a disabled worker recruitment agency, we provide a disabled employment advisor who will:

  • Accompany and define your needs and work with you on the best way to meet them
  • Launch dedicated sourcing campaigns
  • Organise access to an assessment centre, job dating
  • Promote insertion and integration within your teams
  • Supports and promotes the employability of disabled workers
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