France is the second largest manufacturer of pleasure boats in the world, and the first in Europe.

Your company belongs to one of the leading economic forces in the country, with almost 43,000 employees. 70% of the nautical workforce is concentrated along the Mediterranean and Western coasts of France.

The dynamism of your sector also makes recruiting for jobs which are in scarcity extremely difficult.

Are you having trouble finding and keeping good candidates whose skills are becoming increasingly hard to find? Why not try our innovative and unusual solutions? We can help you recruit those difficult but nonetheless essential profiles, which are key to your success.  Access our networks and join other successful companies.

Boating: your penurious profiles are diverse and particularly sought after

In 2019, the nautical sector includes 30 different categories of companies, including :

  • Builders
  • Integrators
  • Engine manufacturers.
  • Equipment manufacturers.
  • Maintenance companies.
  • Deconstruction and recycling yards.

Were you aware that your sector does a lot of trade internationally, with an export rate of 76.4%?

ouvrier nautique

There are numerous profiles essential for your sector which are hard to fnd on today’s market :

  • Nautical Electrician
  • Maintenance Electrician
  • Nautical carpenter
  • Gelcoat finisher
  • Marine mechanic
  • Mechanical fitter
  • Nautical plumber
  • Fitting engineer
  • Hydro/anchor engineer
  • Naval engineer architect
  • Laminator/moulder
  • Pleasure craft maintenance agent
mécanicien nautique

75% of companies in the nautical sector are small businesses

For an SME with less than 20 employees, recruiting for jobs where the required skills are in scarcity is not an easy task…and the situation is even worse for a VSME.

In jobs where there is a shortage of qualified manpower, whether looking for a single candidate or putting together a complete team, is a relatively lengthy process: placing advertisements, reading each CV, setting up appointments, sorting, choosing… This all takes up essential time and therefore can penalize business.

We can look after all of it for you :

  • We will adapt to your work methods
  • We work using our network: professional instructors, companies from France and abroad, consultants, statistical survey firms.
  • We help identify profiles and candidates, who are happy to move to regions which are unpopular.
  • We work with small, medium and large companies.

We know that the profiles, which you need for your business are varied and require very specific skills :

  • Polyester moulding
  • Interior joinery
  • Upholstery
  • Sailmakers
  • System hydraulics
  • Naval expertise
  • Naval mechanics
  • Fluency in English and technical English

We can help you make a difference when recruiting for positions where the skills are hard to find.

50% of the companies in the sector belong to the production/repair/equipment sector. The workforce is concentrated among specialised workers.

The main players within your sector (Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon Catamaran, Fountaine-Pajot-Dufour) attract the profiles which you need. The regions, which are reputed for your sector of activity (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Pays de la Loire, Brittany) have employers’ groups which supply the companies in their network with the necessary employees.

The other companies have to organise the recruitment themselves in order to find the profiles which they need and which are so hard to find. Recruitment in your sector requires a lot of work. But you can choose to do it differently.

We plan ahead the recruitment of the candidates you need – individual employees, or complete, permanent teams.

We know how to find, maintain and retain candidates, whose skills are in scarcity on the market.

Do you share our values and would you like to try the experience with us?

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