What is most difficult when recruiting for jobs which are hard to fill? Finding the right channels to source candidates? Knowing where best to publish your job offers ? Advertising ahead ?

When recruiting in industry, a sector which fails to attract candidates, we perhaps need to consider all of these aspects at once. Recruiting for jobs which are very hard to fill in today’s workplace requires that we work differently :

  • Allocate sufficient time
  • Be precise.
  • Work your network

If you want to improve your performance, contact us! We know how to develop made-to-measure solutions, which are adapted to your business and your needs.

You are aware of the constraints of all the main temping agencies: you find yourself having to balance out your temporary workforce to meet with the constraints of national agreements. It is complicated, time consuming and you have to speak to a number of different people. The administrative constraints are wearisome: signing contracts, difficulties in negociating prices.

2A EXPERT RH can help you gain time and enable you to control over the various operations which you choose to undertake.

With us, recruiting in sectors where profiles are scarce is simple:

  • We are not dependent on any national agreements
  • When you work with us, you do not have to work with other recruitments agencies
  • You will appreciate our approach, which is detailed and thorough. We aim to work sustainably, in a more detailed fashion and above all constructively with you.
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Our job is precisely to find the hard-to-find profiles !

We like to build customised solutions. We refuse to simply accept any solution for your business with « ready to go » profiles, because we know this doesn’t work. If we don’t have the solution to your recruitment problem within our network, then we prefer to develop the solution with you.

The recruitment of rare profiles by 2A EXPERT RH is a collaborative process. We are connected to national and international networks where we source our candidates. We constantly work to expand our network, whether or not we have specific customer orders

To increase our chances of finding you the right candidate who is trained and motivated, we have developed strong partnerships with local, national and international partners :

  • Consultants.
  • Suppliers.
  • International agencies.
  • Experts in our various recruitment sectors.

If you share our values and want to try out our services…

Contact us !