What is a Forward Management of Skills and Employment Plan ?

A forward management of Skills and Employment Plan is a tool whereby we anticipate in a customised way, the potential future needs of a business both in terms of the workload and the staff required to meet with the workload. The aim of such a plan is to reduce the gap between the skills already present in the workplace and those likely to be required for future activities.

What is the aim of a Skills and Employment Plan ?

The challenges of developing a Skills and Employment Plan are to be able to determine the potential evolution of any given job and the inherent tasks and skills required to perform efficiently. Once the former have been clearly identified, the aim of the plan is to help organise and potentially move staff to meet with the company’s future activities in the medium term.

There are numerous advantages to the establishment of a Skills and Employment Plan :

  • Evaluation of staff potential
  • Fine-tune the company’s professional training plan
  • Development of new skills for staff
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Imporved quality of service


A forward Management Skills and Employment Plan helps :

  • Reduce staff turn-over
  • Reduce recruitment difficulties
  • Reduce the risk of disqualification
  • Improve the integration and retention of employees

Why develop a Skills and Employment Plan ?

A Skills and Employment Plan is the proactive management of a company’s human resources, based mainly on the management of staff skills.

The development of a Skills and Employment Plan is compulsory in France for businesses with over 300 employees. Negotiations must be held every 3 years and mainly concern the development of such a plan and the various measures identified by the business to accompany their staff throughout the process (professional evaluation, training, recruitment, geographical and professional mobility).

A Skills and Employment Plan will enable you to create and implement an action plan. Your action plan will help you to :

  • Adjust your skills’ requirements to your company’s resources
  • Efficiently accompany your staff in their profesional evolution in your company

The Skills and Employment Plan Tools

To complete a full diagnosis of your present situation, HR teams can use the following HR tools :

  • Employment and skills reference table
  • Elaboration of specific job profiles
  • Map existing skills
  • Identify job mobility opportunities

Following this diagnosis, the action plan will be drawn up using HR development tools, which will enable the implementation, in operational terms, of your strategic Skills and Employment Plan:

  • Professional assessment interview
  • Creation of appropriate training programmes
  • Elaboration of recruitment and mobility plans
  • Implementation of a company adapted skills’management plan

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