The aeronautical industry is in full growth and consequently there are major demands for recruitment.

The production sites in the aeronautical industry attract skilled staff to locations such as Toulouse, Marseille, Saint-Nazaire, Amiens and Paris, but other locations, such as Normandy, for example, have difficulty in recruiting.

You order book is full and you badly need to recruit more staff? With our temporary recruiting activity working in collaboration with the aeronautical group AAA, we have access to various aeronautical industry profiles with a selection of different skills.

Finding a solution to the shortage in skills for positions in aeronautical production is your priority ?/p>
You need to find staff for positions in production?

We can help you find the following types of profile:

  • Fitter
  • Cablesmith
  • Boilermaker
  • Rectifier
  • Draughtsman
  • NC Set-up operator
  • Aeronautical painter
  • Aeronautical mechanician
  • Quality controller
  • Quality inspector
  • Methods preparer
  • Team leader
  • Etc.
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There are permanently over 2 000 job offers in the aeronautical sector covering over 20 different positions for which skilled candidates are in shortage.

Taking the necessary amount of time, we can provide full teams of skilled staff. We check that the future candidates’ profiles meet specifically with the challenges which you are facing, for example that potential candidates have:

  • Capacity to work with rigour to a high level.
  • Capacity to become fully invested in the quality approach
  • Good command of English.
technicien de maintenance d'une avion

We can help you find the solution for jobs where the skillset is scarce in the workplace

The President of the GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises de l’Aéronautique et Spatiales = Group of French Aeronautical and Aerospatial Industries) has stated that “the aeronautical sector continues to generate jobs, but there is a major issue in recruiting staff”

All types of profile are affected, from labourers to engineers. Businesses in the industry are constantly trying to develop partnerships with schools and training centres, but the education system does not produce a sufficient number of skilled candidates as the schools are very selective.

However until these new strategies begin to provide sufficient solutions, you still need to find qualified manpower right now. How can we help you?

When we find ourselves facing a position for which there is a real shortage of candidates, we don’t waste time wondering if we’ll manage to recruit, we look for new solutions. We immediately set to work to find ways to ensure we find you the candidates which you need.

We innovate to create recruitment solutions for positions in shortage in the aeronautical sector.

We don’t have ready-made solutions. We build our solutions customised to meet your specific needs, both for the medium and longer terms.

The President of the Aero-SME Committee, confirms this: « for a SME in a regional location, recruiting an engineer or qualified technician is an important strategic decision ». We know that without competent staff, you cannot deliver your products.

  • We know that the skillset which is required exists in France or abroad, and that all that is required is to find it.
  • We know that when the skills are unavailable on the market, we can create them by training motivated staff.

The aeronautical sector itself attracts candidates, but the jobs in industrial production suffer from a bad image. This explains why we are so attentive to our staff and use other additional services to attract:

  • Help integrating a new company.
  • Administrative support.
  • Family relocation assistance.

If you are either a SME/SMI, sub-contractor or industrial construction company in the aeronautical sector having trouble finding the skills you require and you want to save time and money?

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